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Who We Are

Angel Shed is an inclusive theatre company that has been delivering high-quality workshops and productions for all children and young people in Islington for the past decade.

Through group activities, singing & acting children developed huge range of invaluable skills for the 21st century. These include: focus, creativity, perseverance, teamwork, risk-taking & communication. All of these skills are developed through a style of learning that is inclusive and has laughter, enjoyment and fun at its very heart!
The Angel Shed staff are experts of the creative arts and model best practise at all opportunities. They are hugely enthusiastic and this greatly inspires the children.
— Year 5 teacher, Hungerford Primary School, March 2017


All members are given the opportunity to develop a range of performance techniques including dance, drama and music throughout every term, with sharing ideas and devising at the core of every activity and performance. For more information, please click on Children's Theatre and Youth Theatre on our home page. 

Our Difference

Angel Shed’s vision is that every child, regardless of ability or background be given the opportunity to participate in the performing arts. As a fully inclusive theatre, all our workshops have a 1:2 ratio of practitioner to participant, enabling every child, whatever their ability, to be fully supported to achieve their very best. 

It is wonderful to see inclusive theatre at its very best, groups working together and being transformed by the power of theatre. This is excellent work period, it is not ‘good considering...’ It is excellent work that I would be happy to show as a end result of an amazing process - the stage is alive!
— Senior Lecturer at London Met University, November 2016.

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Our Staff

Lorraine Grout Artistic Director

Lorraine Grout

Artistic Director

Joanne Merritt Lead Artistic Practitioner and Community Outreach & Inclusive Support Officer

Joanne Merritt

Lead Artistic Practitioner and Community Outreach & Inclusive Support Officer

David Mabbott Music Leader and Fundraising Officer

David Mabbott

Music Leader and
Fundraising Officer

LUCY DEAR Artistic Support


Artistic Support

Caroline Downing Development Manager

Caroline Downing

Development Manager


Our Trustees

Rachael Orr Chair

Rachael Orr


Polly Jahan Ali Treasurer

Polly Jahan Ali


Molly Carew-Jones Secretary

Molly Carew-Jones