We work with a complex mix of children and young people, their parents/ carers and families. This includes children from low-income families; children and young people with emotional, behavioural and physical needs; children with learning difficulties; young carers; children on the child protection register, and looked-after children. Currently, about one third of our participants live in low income families, 24% attend Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools or access SEN support, while 10% are living in vulnerable home situations (e.g. living in care). We often see an overlap, with children facing multiple barriers to participation, compounded by coming from low income backgrounds. This makes our service even more integral to their learning and development as they're unable to access more expensive programmes. 

Angel Shed has successfully secured funding to support its ongoing work over the past decade, despite receiving no regular funding. We will continue to work with trusts and foundations, individuals and statutory funders, to ensure more children and young people across Islington can access our services and reach their full potential.

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