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About us

About Angel Shed

A Barrier-smashing Inclusive Performing Arts Charity

Angel Shed is a space for children and young people of all abilities and backgrounds to access the transformative power of participation in the performing arts. Established in 2004, we have engaged thousands of children and young people across Islington and beyond.

Our Ethos

We provide a safe place for our members to express themselves, develop confidence, and grow into curious, creative and courageous young people.

We are inclusive in every aspect of our work:

  • anyone is welcome to join
  • workshops are free to those who cannot afford them
  • 1:1 support is provided to those who need it
  • there are no auditions

We provide an inclusive, creative, and supportive space in which there are no barriers to participation, everyone’s needs are supported, and all voices are listened to and valued.

We adapt to the needs of individual members, meaning everyone can participate in a way which works for them. 

We offer long-term engagement to all our members, with a high percentage staying with us for many years (83% of Youth Theatre 1 & 2 members have attended for 3 or more years, while 63% have attended for 5-9 years).

We actively reach out to those most likely to experience exclusion: those who are economically disadvantaged, those who are disabled, those with social, emotional and mental health needs, those with special educational needs, LGBTQ+ people, young carers, and those from communities experiencing racism and racial inequality. 

We bring our work into the community for those who face the biggest barriers to participation through artistic projects and workshops. 

Our Workshops and Performances

Angel Shed provides a range of performing arts activities (theatre, music, and movement) for members aged 5-19, with regular workshops and performances taking place in professional theatre spaces at City and Islington College.

Our highly experienced and trained staff and volunteer team are the backbone of our work, delivering high-quality artistic work while providing the most appropriate support for each participant. 

We create inspirational and outstanding youth-led theatre, focused on long-term collaboration with children and young people from across the Islington community.

We are led by the ideas of our 100+ members and they are active participants in the planning, creation, and performance of our work.

This allows our members to share and explore the stories, issues and topics that are relevant to them.

Our Impact

The differences Angel Shed makes in children and young people's lives are varied. The primary outcomes we measure our impact against are:

  • Belonging to a community
  • Strengthened relationships 
  • Increased confidence 
  • Improved skills

In our latest survey of parents/carers, we asked whether Angel Shed had had a positive effect on their children. Below are the % agreeing to there being a positive effect on their child's:

  • Mental health (100%)
  • Confidence (100%)
  • Performance and well-being at school (97%)
  • Relationships in the family (89%)
  • Behaviour (88%)

Their written feedback amplifies these findings:

“I feel like it's helped him relate to people and with his confidence.”

“When she attends in person she comes back much more positive and engaged. School is proving stressful and drama is a great release.”

“Joining Angel Shed has made a massive difference to her life. It has brought her out of her shell and kick-started her self-confidence.”

“It has helped him greatly with his social skills.”

“Angel Shed has had a really big impact on my daughter's social needs - as it's a great place to meet friends and do something they love, the staff are extremely supportive and friendly.”

“She has been inspired by the classes and the Angel Shed environment. She has enjoyed meeting the other members and learning from them. The welcome and support offered by the whole team has been wonderful and has had a very positive impact on her.”


In our latest survey of members, below are the % agreeing that:

  • I made a new friend this term (93%)
  • I have got to know people who are different from me (97%)
  • I think I understand other people better (84%)
  • I have been praised (88%)
  • I feel listened to (95%)
  • I am given help and support when I need it (96%)
  • I feel included (91%)
  • I can be myself (90%)

Our Members

We currently have over 100 members across our six core membership groups.

90% of members live in Islington, with the remaining 10% from the neighbouring boroughs of Hackney and Camden.

Over 60% of our members access our support initiative, providing free places and subsidised fees.

Over 20% of our members have special educational needs or are disabled.

55% of members are minority ethnic (including 19.5% from a black African background, 7.5% from a mixed white and Asian background, 6.5% from a black Caribbean background, and 6.5% from a mixed white and black African background).

Islington has the 7th highest rate of children living in poverty in the country (End Child Poverty Coalition, 2019). 67% of Angel Shed members live in the five most deprived wards in the borough - Finsbury Park, Caledonian, Tollington, Holloway and Hillrise (State of Equalities in Islington, 2019).

Angel Shed is a registered charity (no. 1111684)